Lake of Banyoles

In Spain’s north-east Banyoles is the capital of the county Pla de l’Estany. The lake of Banyoles was formed from a volcanic depression with a beautiful blue tone. Its crystal clear waters was the centre for rowing competitions in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Lake of Banyoles
Lake of Banyoles

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Boat on lake of Banyoles
Boat on the lake


Blue Lake of Banyoles
Blue lake


Ducks on Lake of Banyoles
Ducks on the lake

The lake is only around 15m deep and contains fresh fish.

Stroll along tree avenue, Banyoles
Stroll along an avenue of trees, Banyoles


Cypress trees around the lake
Cypress trees


Banyoles street
Banyoles street

The ever-present Catalonian flags on display.

Flowers around lake of Banyoles
Flowers around lake


Underwater lake of Banyoles
Underwater lake of Banyoles

The crystal clear waters offer swimming and rowing options. There is a good path around the lake for walking, running and cycling although beware of the midday sun!





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