Leaving Harris and Lewis

Final frames from my first visit to Harris and Lewis in November 2016. There are lots of pre-trip processes I do mainly around maps which I love. Ordinance Survey Explorer paper maps kickstarted my love of the outdoors. In Cubs I learned map reading. In Geography I learned mapping countours and detail. Aged 15 I learned route planning as my friends and I and cycled Scotland’s Youth Hostels. So now I start with a map and write notes on it before I go and update with what I found. “Great rock formations”, “Sea stacks”, “Great hot chocolate” all make for useful information. And i will return to these islands.

Tarbert Stores, Harris




Leaving Tarbert


“Coat of Arms” beach

Boat by a rope


Sandblasted rock


“Coat of Arms” beach


Mussel shell in the rocks


Sandblasted rock


Seaweed at Ùig Bay


Shoreline rock


Seaweed and texture and flow…


Life belt


CalMac Ferry back to Uig Skye


Bridge to Scalpay


Ùig Bay


Leaving Harris and Lewis – now approaching Ru Idrigil on Skye


Ru Idrigill







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